Eject Media - Early Career Projects

After graduating from college in 2006, I moved to Panama City, Florida to start a small web design company with a friend. Our company, Eject Media, had a diverse clientele, ranging from photographers and businesses to church ministries and musicians. We partnered with a local recording studio to not only build websites for their new and featured artists, but to also create their CD covers, posters, and other print materials.

We wanted to allow our clients to have control over the content of their own sites, but minus the complexity of the CMS's of the time. To address this, I built a custom CMS, based on PHP and MySQL, which we added onto every site we built. This allowed our clients to control the most basic features, such as adding, editing, and re-ordering posts, and uploading photos. Most of our clients were not "technical" people and they appreciated the simplicity of our custom CMS.

Most of these sites are no longer online, but these images show a sampling of the work I did for Eject Media.

Web Design

Graphic & Print Design