At FormFree I was tasked with redesigning their user-facing AccountChek application. The purpose of AccountChek is to allow a potential home buyer to more easily share their banking details with a mortgage lender than is possible with traditional methods. AccountChek was written in an older version of Angular and had a very plain design.

I created a more modern design that featured background colors and shapes as an enlarged version of the AccountChek logo. The design process was a long collaboration between me and the stakeholders regarding the appearance, the suitability for present needs, and the capacity to address future components that were in the planning stages.

With this new design in mind, I rebuilt the application in the latest version of Angular available at that time. I was intentional about ensuring accessibility for users with poor vision, colorblindness, requiring screen readers, or limited to keyboard-only access. I placed strong emphasis on test-driven-design by writing over 540+ unit tests that passed on multiple web browsers checked with BrowserStack. This application has very strict code quality controls enforced by TypeScript build options and code linting.

In a few months, with only light guidance from others, I successfully redesigned and rebuilt the AccountChek application for FormFree.

Tech Stack: TypeScript 4, Angular 8, SCSS, Bootstrap 4, ASP.NET MVC, Jasmine

Previous AccountChek Design - Desktop

My AccountChek Redesign - Desktop

Previous AccountChek Design - Mobile

My AccountChek Redesign - Mobile