Design Portfolio

This page contains some of the web and other design-related projects I've worked on over the years. There are many more proprietary internal projects for companies that I cannot share publicly.

Some of my free time is spent working on personal or open source projects, which you can find on the dev page.

LyricConverter - Random Background Image Example 2

LyricConverter is a project I've built and improved, on and off, for years. It was made to extract song data and lyrics from many popular lyric display software packages and convert them to other formats. Many of these software packages do not have great import/export tools so I wanted to build something to help people keep their song libraries as they migrated to new software.

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Debbie Barr (who happens to be my mom!) is an accomplished author with 10 published books. She needed a website to showcase her work, read the backstories behind each book, find places to purchase them, and provide a way to get in touch with her.

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Landmark Analytics - Home Page | Desktop

Landmark Analytics is a technology company that I worked for building web-based business applications. Landmark also specializes in data analytics, Oracle database management & planning, and converting complex Excel spreadsheets into real business applications.

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Landmark Analytics: The logo for a business analytics, consulting, and software company

These are a few of the logos I have created for various companies and projects over the years.

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AccountChek - Redesign - Desktop - Find Accounts

At FormFree I was tasked with redesigning their user-facing AccountChek application. The purpose of AccountChek is to allow a potential home buyer to more easily share their banking details with a mortgage lender than is possible with traditional methods. AccountChek was written in an older version of Angular and had a very plain design.

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Smoke Test - Desktop

At Life After Normal I helped create Smoke-Test. The philosophy behind Smoke-Test is that no matter how many automated tests are used to assess an application, manual testing by a real person is still necessary to ensure a high-quality application. The purpose of Smoke-Test was to allow QA and software testers to more easily manage information and steps for manually testing complex applications. Test managers could record exactly what a tester would need to do for each unique manual test in an application. Tests could be distributed to multiple people to be run simultaneously and to collect results and feedback in real time.

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Mission Togo - About Page

Togo is a small country in western Africa. I created this website to help raise awareness for the needs of and raise funds for a return trip to this country in 2011. The website provided information, photos, videos, and accepted donations via PayPal. It was built in PHP on top of Expression Engine. The photos, and videos featured on the website were all shot by me as well.

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Eject Media - Web Design - Auto Warehousing Company

After graduating from college in 2006, I moved to Panama City, Florida to start a small web design company with a friend. Our company, Eject Media, had a diverse clientele, ranging from photographers and businesses to church ministries and musicians. We partnered with a local recording studio to not only build websites for their new and featured artists, but to also create their CD covers, posters, and other print materials.

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